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qemu-toolkit - A toolkit for running qemu on Illumos / OmniOS


qemu-toolkit is a small set of scripts to control QEMU kvm virtualised machines on a set of illumos hosts. Have a look at 'storadm' and 'vmadm' - inline help will show you the possibilities.


qemu-toolkit is a Ruby gem. This means you can install it with one simple command:

gem install qemu-toolkit

For full installation instructions, please see qemu-toolkit-install(7).


This project is hosted on bitbucket. An issue tracker is available at bitbucket.

We value all contributions, provided they

Discussion regarding this project via 'qemutoolkit' mailing list. Subscribe by sending any kind of message to this address.


qemu-toolkit-overview(7), qemu-toolkit-install(7), qemu-toolkit-configuration(7), storadm(1), vmadm(1), README(7)


Copyright (c) 2012 Kaspar Schiess.

This tool is under a MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file in the original source.

  1. December 2012
  2. qemu-toolkit(7)